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Teach multiple instruments

Teach concepts for additional instruments

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Learn to play by ear

Write your own songs

Typical Lessons

Most teachers don’t teach how to play songs off the radio/internet because they aren’t able to.  Playing by ear is important because reading sheet music is only useful for classical and a few other genres, NOT for playing popular music.  


Pop, rock, and country songs are played by chording.  Professional musicians play this way, but most teachers never learned this.

I teach concepts so that the knowledge gained is transferable to other instruments.  Sadly, many  teachers aren’t familiar with these particular concepts; they only have the skills to play their instrument.

This means you have the option of learning how to play piano, guitar, sing, or all three!  While I teach these, I also play other instruments.  Here is a sample video.  

Writing your own music is one of the most rewarding things you can do.  An understanding of certain concepts outside of reading music is needed and most teachers have never learned these.

All levels, beginner to advanced

Many teachers are only qualified to teach beginning - intermediate levels.

The Best instruction.  The Best deal.


You get:

Learn to read music

This is expected.  Most teach how to read music.  

Play all styles

My students learn to play a range of styles and eventually focus on what they like most.  Other lessons typically focus only on beginner and then classical or similar pieces.

Professional teacher

As a previous school teacher with advanced courses in learning styles, teaching is my profession.  I have taught for over 20 years.  Many music instructors are still students or teach because they studied music in school.  As you know, being good at something and being good at teaching something are very different skills!

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I teach music because after taking lessons for years, I still hadn’t been taught how to just sit down and play something from the radio, play different styles, or write my own songs.  All I could do was read music, which limited me to classical and theater music.  This is the situation most students of traditional lessons find themselves in.  How unfulfilling for all that time and money; there is so much more!  I discovered it in college when I took from a teacher who would eventually become a coach to many “American Idol” finalists.  Over the past 20+ years, I have been teaching students not only how to read music, but also what traditional lessons miss–what will keep you enjoying music the rest of your life!  See below for a description of what you get with Connect the Dots Music.   

My sons have been taking piano lessons at Connect the Dots Music for 2 years. Kevin's encouraging personality along with his approach to teaching, has inspired both my sons. As their instructor he relates the lessons in a friendly yet professional manner. He clearly communicates concepts to them by explaining the lessons, as well as music theory in a hands-on approach. This allows them to discover the relationships of notes on the keyboard, how chords are arranged in music, and learn important techniques such as the fingering positions. He demonstrates how music can be versatile by playing chords in different arrangements.  Kevin also takes interest in and considers the kind of music his students listen to or what they may like to learn. He is an excellent instructor and is patient with his students. We feel extremely fortunate to have discovered Connect the Dots Music and Kevin!

-Nancy V.

email: info@ConnectTheDotsMusic.com                 phone: 805-390-6075

 Piano and guitar lessons for children & adults

Kevin is an amazing teacher, listens to his students and gives them what they need. He challenges them while still paying attention to their specific style, likes, and interests.  My daughter learned the piano and is doing quite well. Next, she'll be learning the guitar.  Wouldn't go to anyone else.

-Meyo A.